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Top Advisors Offering Alternative Investments: Ramsey Andrijevich, CFP®

AltExchange’s Top Advisors series highlights financial advisors in the US who offer alternative investments.

Ramsey Andrijevich, CFP®
Wealth Advisor

Name: Ramsey Andrijevich, CFP®  

Title: Wealth Advisor, First Foundation Advisors

Location: Irvine, CA (Operations in CA, HI, NV, TX, and FL)

Investment Minimum: $1 million in investable assets

About Ramsey Andrijevich 

Ramsey Andrijevich, CFP® is a Wealth Advisor at First Foundation Advisors. He provides clients a broad range of alternative investment solutions including Direct Real Estate, Private Equity and Private Credit among others, in addition to the ability to approve legacy investments a client may own for continued holding. As a complement to advising on traditional assets and alternatives, Mr. Andrijevich specializes in advising on Fine Art and Collectibles.  

First Foundation Advisors goes beyond investment advice, and offers trust services, tax and estate planning, and philanthropy services.

If you or your firm are a fit for Ramsey’s services, please reach out at:

Contact information

(949) 322-9311



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