AltExchange believes alternative investing should be an accessible, efficient marketplace for everyone.

Our Story

AltExchange was founded by investors, for investors. After years of experiencing and identifying inefficiencies within the alternative investing space, including difficult management processes, lack of performance tracking, friction between investors and advisors, and lack of access to private investment deals, founder Zak Boca created AltExchange as the solution to make alternative investing an efficient, accessible marketplace for everyone.

AltX Team

Zak Boca


Zak Boca is a seasoned tech entrepreneur, dating back to his high school days with his first startup acquired at the age of 18.

Zak’s tech entrepreneurship path continued into his college years at Western Kentucky University. His freshman year, he founded a web hosting business, midPhase, which grew to support more than 250,000 small business clients, generating a revenue of $20 million per year; The business was acquired three years later. In addition to midPhase, Zak and co-founders began two subsequent companies: ProcessingPoint, a credit card merchant processor, and SingleHop, a managed cloud hosting company. Zak led SingleHop as CEO, growing revenue to $60 million before its acquisition to cloud-solutions company INAP (NASDAQ: INAP) in 2018.

Naru Muraleedharan


Naru is a strong believer of start-up culture and the process of digging into research, design, and development. More than anything else, he enjoys creating.

Before beginning his start-up entrepreneur career, he received his bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering and master’s degree in mechanical engineering from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. His thesis resulted in developing a robotic solution to emulate a free-floating environment on earth for space robot and satellite testing. He continues to serve as a judge on the Industry Advisory Board for software and robotics university student competitions and capstone projects.

After college, Naru founded, built, and scaled multiple businesses including:

  • Inventives, Inc. (formerly Aptus Engineering, Inc.): Software venture studio
  • Rising Cloud: Intelligent cloud provider and scaling solution
  • Stax.ai: AI search engine and document automation platform
  • Construx.ai: AI construction technology company
  • Skip.ai.: Patient intake automation system
  • Aptus Aerospace: Manufactured battery management systems for unmanned aircrafts used by the United States Air Force Academy

One of Naru’s business ventures, Stax.ai, led him to identity issues in the investment management and financial planning space. From here, he joined as Chief Technology Officer of AltExchange with a mission to help solve the industry-wide problems and bring transparency to managing alts.

Kareem Hamady


Kareem Hamady is a private equity veteran and entrepreneur. Throughout his career, he advised on more than $7 billion of transactions in the energy, chemicals, and natural resources sectors and invested close to $900 million. He founded online acquisition company Ember Ventures, where he served as a private equity investor, investment banker, and energy risk analyst.

Prior to AltExchange, Kareem defined and developed the Private Equity Business at Bloomberg. He worked closely with the world’s most sophisticated private equity firms and institutional investors to create the data platform and analytics needed to effectively source, invest and manage alternative investment portfolios.  

Here at AltExchange, Kareem is working to build a highly-scalable technology platform to allow high-net-worth investors (and their advisors) to streamline their alternative investment portfolios.

Kareem graduated with a bachelor’s degree in economics from The University of Texas at Austin with minors in chemistry, biology, and business.

Fun Fact: In 2010, Kareem also co-founded Melt Bakery, New York City’s first ice cream sandwich shop.

Clayton Brown

Lead Architect

Clayton Brown began his journey as a programmer more than ten years ago, starting off as just a hobby in high school.

From there, he received a bachelor’s degree in physics and music performance from Carnegie Mellon, in addition to running their pre-college for three years.

Upon graduating, he joined Aptus Engineering, founded by AltExchange Chief Technology Officer Naru Maruleedharan, in 2018 as a developer. Within two years at Aptus, he became Chief Technology Officer.  

Jonathan Barney

Solutions Architect

Jonathan is an experienced solutions architect in the technology industry. He has extensive knowledge of computers and networking to troubleshoot issues including VLAN misconfiguration, improper CATVe termination, wireless interference, incorrect power loads, DHCP configuration and other root causes. 

Jonathan served as a Cadet at the United States Air Force Academy. There, he competed with the USAF Academy Cyber Competition Team winning national Cyber Attack and Defense competitions against other service academies, working in areas such as digital forensics, web exploitation and binary reversing leveraging knowledge of python and bash scripting to automate processes and attacks.

Ted Biderman

General Counsel

Within Ted’s 20-plus years of legal practice, whether serving as an in-house lawyer or an outside attorney, he always considered himself an internal member of the business’ team with a duty to provide sound legal advice.

While Ted enjoys working with start-ups in a variety of industries, his practice focuses on healthcare products and services, international commercialization of products and services, and building corporate compliance programs with particular focus on the Anti-Kickback Statute and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA).  

Ted prides himself on providing strategic advice to manage legal risks for AltExchange, while recognizing the complex business issues at play.

Morgan Moench

Alternative Asset Analyst

Morgan Moench is a financial analyst with experience working across Alternative Asset Management, Private Banking, and Wealth Management sectors.

Prior to joining AltExchange, Morgan served as an Investor Relations Analyst at Intermediate Capital Group (ICG) where he played a fundamental role in the fundraising for ICG’s Private Equity Fund IV, the largest GP-led Secondaries fund to date.  

At AltExchange, Morgan serves as an Alternative Asset Analyst, reviewing the various funds that come onto the platform along with their respective materials, verifying that transactions and performance are recorded accurately.

Morgan graduated with bachelor’s degrees in finance and marketing from Drexel University.

Jesse Weaver

UX Designer

Jesse Weaver is the head of UX design at AltExchange. He is an award-winning product strategist and designer with more than 12 years of experience designing, building, and growing digital products and services.

Prior to assisting AltExchange, Jesse spent seven years as Head of Product and UX for gaia.com, as the service scaled from 10 subscribers to more than 450,000 subscribers across 13 platforms. Along the way, he received three Webby Award nominations for best streaming media website.

In addition, Jesse serves as a board member and advisor for Generation Exchange, which connects students with older generations to exchange knowledge and understanding about technology. Jesse holds a master’s degree in product design from the University of Colorado Boulder.

Jennifer Reardon

Content Strategist

Jennifer Reardon is an experienced content strategist and content creator, specializing in financial services and technology industries.

Jennifer became fascinated with financial wellness at the age of 14, when she first began investing in the stock market. From there, she began multiple side businesses in college with the goal of expanding her investment portfolio to allow her to create more businesses in the future. Jennifer now runs her own brand strategy consulting business to help brands achieve their desired online presence.

In addition, Jennifer has worked full-time as a public relations specialist, content strategy specialist, and social media manager on the agency side and in-house for various financial institutions. She uses her creativity and content expertise to help financial services brands achieve a strong online presence, enhance brand awareness, and reach desired audiences.  

As an investor herself, she has seen the gaps that need to be filled within the alts space. At AltExchange, she is determined to build a strong online community for alternative investors.