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Unlimited reporting, and comprehensive metrics to aid in investment decisions.

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Capital call history, reminders, and more to help you stay on top of cash flow and meeting capital calls.

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What investors are saying

I'd love to see a Personal Capital competitor that incorporates crypto, Seed Invest, Fundrise, AcreTrader, NFTs, etc...I have to visit half a dozen places to get a rough idea of how well things are going.

Chris Koerner on twitter

I make a lot of investments in real estate, VC funds, startups etc etc. This year I think that I'll have around 100 K1s for example. It's quite a lot of work to manage all of these, ensure you receive all of those that you're supposed to, make sure that the fund manager has your correct contact details on file etc etc. This is something that I and other's are managing using Airtable and things like that, which isn't ideal.

Jack Smith on kernal.com

Great idea [consolidating K1s]- this would even work for GP’s who have to coordinate with CPA’s to distribute K1’s to LP’s. It’s a manual back office process to coordinate with lots of investors

Rohun on kernal.com

What software do angel investors (and early stage VCs) use to track deals? By far the most common is spreadsheets: Excel, Sheets, Airtable. If someone’s spending a good chunk of their time keeping them up to date, this can work pretty decently. If not, there’s a pretty good chance they’re out of date and folks are just relying on memory instead.

David Vandergrift on quora.com

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