Individual Investors

How Does AltExchange Work?

AltExchange integrates with numerous portals, pulling down documents or transactions, creating transactions from PDFs using machine learning.
Through one powerful tool, you instantly gain access to your full private investment portfolio.

We’re integrated and tracking investments in:

Get Started

Signup and link your private investments.

Consolidated Alts

View performance, capital calls, reminders, K1s, and more.

Fully Automated

We’ll keep it all in sync and up to date.

Track what the others can’t track.

Easily connect your private investments to get to up to date reporting on their performance, and more.

No more missed Capital Calls

We’ll remind you automatically when you get one. Get notified based on the preferences that you’ve set.

Make more informed investment decisions

Gain a complete understanding of how segments, and managers are performing.

We’ll collect your K1s

When they come in, you’ll instantly get them, ready to be sent to your advisor.