Registered Investment Advisors

Differentiation can start today.

AltExchange’s platform augments your existing systems, and allows you to easily access your entire clients portfolio of private investments.

We’re integrated and tracking investments in:

Easy Onboarding

– Get started today and begin inviting your clients.
– Add investments and authenticate with their portals for them.

Highly secure data

– AltExchange utilizes the best safeguards available, including data encryption at rest and in transit.

Differentiate your business

– Private investments are increasing in size for the UWNH, though the unstructured nature of their data adds significant friction. AltExchange solves this problem for you, with ease.

A complete view of your clients alts

Meet your clients where they are- increasingly investing in alts.

Reduce friction for your clients

Our integrations automatically pull documents, extract data, provide performance at a level that hasn’t been seen by your clients.

Attract clients with greater assets

Provide family office-like resources, powered by technology and not increased staffing.

We’ll collect your clients K1s

When they come in, you’ll instantly get them, ready to be sent to accounting.