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Top Advisors Offering Alternative Investments: Larry “Abes” Abrams

AltExchange’s Top Advisors series highlights financial advisors in the US who offer alternative investments.

Larry “Abes” Abrams
Alternative Investments Advisor

Name: Larry “Abes” Abrams  

Title: President, Absolute Return Capital Management

Location: Deerfield, IL

About Larry Abrams 

Larry Abrams is President of Absolute Return Capital Management (ARCM). Larry is an expert in pricing, trading and risk management for all types of derivative products with more than 30 years of experience. 

ARCM’s Ionic Strategy, is a systematic Managed Futures program designed to deliver superior returns and lower drawdowns than a traditional investment portfolio. The Ionic Strategy was the winner of The 2021 CTA Challenge, a year long competition of top Commodity Trading Advisors.

If you or your firm are a fit for ARCM, please reach out at:

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