Top Advisors Offering Alternative Investments: Chris Meadows

AltExchange’s Top Advisors series highlights financial advisors and others (including placement agents such as Chris) in the US who offer alternative investments.

Chris Meadows
Alternative Investments Advisor

Name: Chris Meadows  

Title: Alternative Investments Advisor (Placement Agent for Alternative Investment Managers)

Location: Greensboro, North Carolina (Registered in NC, SC, VA, MO, FL, NY, TX – States added based on client needs.) 

Investment Range: $25K to $100K minimums. Clients typically range $100K-$5M.

About Chris Meadows 

Chris Meadows is an Alternative Investments Advisor that has been in the alternatives space for 12 years. Chris is strictly a placement agent for alternative investment managers. (He is not a Financial Advisor or Financial Planner.) 

Chris’ role as a placement agent is to be an intermediary between private deals and investors. 

Chris’ sector focus of investment offerings are in multifamily and commercial real estate. Offerings in other sectors are available. Chris represents investments in both equity and debt offerings, generally providing a predictable income stream with growth opportunities at time of exit or maturity. Annualized income streams range from 5% to 10%, plus upside potential at exit.

Client types include institutional investors, family offices, private funds and high-net-worth individuals. 

If you or your firm are a fit for Chris’ services, please reach out at:

Contact information

(M) 336-580-1127


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