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Your Virtual Family Office

Make better investment decisions while spending less time.

$10 per month per investment

  • No commitment, No Setup fees, Cancel anytime.
  • Pay as you go (grow).
  • No minimums
  • Fully managed onboarding by accountants

$379 Per month

  • Support for $20M in assets
  • Save 20% by prepaying annually
  • No commitment, No Setup fees, Cancel anytime.

Our Features

Fully Managed Onboarding
Direct Integrations
Managed Capital Calls
Centralized Documents
Automated K1 Collection
Backoffice Support
Managed Capital Calls
Multi-Asset Support


How do you manage my capital calls?

We sync with major admin portals such as iCapital, Sungard, JuniperSquare, and we monitor them on a regular basis. When a capital call is issued, we flag it in the portal and will remind you until it’s been met.

Can you collect all of my tax documents?

We sure can. Our Tax Center collects all K1s and 1099s associated with investments in your account. When a tax document is issued, you will be able to instantly download it from within the portal. Additionally, if you pay quarterly estimates, you can see your YTD distributions by asset type.

What happens if I don’t like the service and want to cancel?

You can cancel at any point in time, and we’ll offer a refund for any unused services.

Are there any set up fees?

There are no setup fees whatsoever.

What if I exceed the $20M in assets?

We charge $35 per million in assets over what’s included in your plan, so you will be billed at the following billing cycle for any overages.