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About Sunlight Peaks

Sunlight Peaks is a wealth management firm serving “do-it-yourself” high-net-worth families who hold a wide variety of alternative investments, with real estate-related assets comprising a large portion of many portfolios. Sunlight Peaks’ mission is to help families follow their passions by protecting and growing their wealth. They provide clients full transparency and advise holistically.

The Challenge

Prior to AltExchange, Sunlight Peaks’ primary pain point in managing their clients’ portfolios was the alternative investment industry itself, specifically the reporting aspect, according to President and CEO Ryan Parson.

“It’s incongruent, but doable,” said Parson in regard to the alternative investment industry as a whole.

“One of the biggest areas of resistance is that there’s no meaningful reporting to show what all of these alternative investment managers are doing for their investors in terms of a quantifiable rate of return. I’m trying to demystify alts and quite frankly, help other RIAs realize alts are not a bad thing. The reality of it is, there’s a whole world of consumers who are going to do this on their own, but still want third-party help and guidance from an advisor.”

The Solution

Until AltExchange, Sunlight Peaks had been reporting on alternatives for their families without any help from technology.
In order to scale and continue to serve, manual reporting was no longer a viable option.

“Our clients come to us to see the realities of their financial decisions. AltExchange gives us the quantifiable numbers
we need to show families to advise whether their investment decisions are in their favor or not. It is a critical step for us to help our clients live their best lives and fulfill our vision to demystify alts.”

Looking Into the Future

Sunlight Peaks’ goals for the future are to scale and continue to best serve their families. Parson is confident that AltExchange is a key component in doing just that.

AltExchange is proud to support Sunlight Peaks in helping manage their clients’ growing portfolios of alternative investments. If you or your firm are interested in better serving your existing clients and winning future clients with transparent, simple alternative investment reporting, we’re here to help.

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