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[Wealth Professional Canada] Consolidating Your Clients’ ‘Fragmented’ Alternative Investments

[Originally published on Wealth Professional Canada by Noelle Boughton]

The New York City-based AltExchange is offering a free alternative (alt) investment tracking platform until the end of September for financial advisors who need to track up to $25 million of assets, so they can check how it saves them time and helps them better organize clients’ alt investments.

While AltExchange has been providing investors with a similar tracking platform, the advisors’ “AdvisorVue”, which it just launched, is being billed as a breakthrough alternative investment platform that can provide family office-like services through better portfolio management, performance reporting, and accounting.

AdvisorVue aggregates and consolidates clients’ private investment, including private equity, venture and hedge funds, real estate, and start-ups. It provides structured, standardized data to manage, track, and report private investments, and automated collection and distribution of tax documents, so advisors can easily access them.

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