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AltExchange Unveils Industry’s First Fully-Automated Alternative Investment Platform

NEW YORK, March 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today, AltExchange launches the industry’s first fully-automated alternative investment reporting and management platform. AltExchange automates and aggregates data on all alternative investments, from small fractional shares of cryptocurrency to multi-million dollar private equity investments, on a single platform. Investors can track up to $1 million in assets with AltExchange for free.

AltXLink: The industry’s first aggregation layer for alternative investments.

A long-time investor of alternatives, AltExchange CEO Zak Boca experienced first-hand the many challenges of managing non-traditional investments:

“Lack of standardized data, reporting and tracking, and inability to aggregate alternatives are not unique to me. All participants – small and large investors, financial and tax advisors, and asset managers – experienced the same headaches for far too long. At AltExchange, we’re leveraging the latest technology to tackle challenges in alternative investments – and we’re doing it in a highly scalable way.”

AltExchange features include:

  • AltXLink, the industry’s first aggregation layer for alternative investments. Connect investments in: private equity, online funding, venture capital, real estate, crypto and NFTs, collectibles, employee stock options, and more.
  • Automatically-collected and consolidated tax documents for all individual investments.
  • Real-time performance tracking, reporting, and benchmarking.
  • Accrued interest-tracking on convertible notes, multiple rounds, and startup performance.
  • Automatically managed capital calls.
  • ‘Invite your financial advisor’ option.
  • ‘Invite your CPA’ option.

AltExchange is founded by serial entrepreneur Zak Boca and former Bloomberg executive and Bloomberg Terminal developer Kareem Hamady.

To learn more about AltExchange’s breakthrough alternative investment reporting technology, please visit: https://www.altexchange.com/ 

About AltExchange  
AltExchange is a fully-automated alternative investment management platform that aggregates data, tracks and reports performance in real-time, and consolidates documents for all alternative investments. AltExchange was founded in 2021 by CEO Zak Boca and COO Kareem Hamady with a mission to make alternative investments an efficient, accessible marketplace. Whether you’re dabbling with small shares of cryptocurrency or hold multi-million dollar private equity stakes, AltExchange empowers investors to finally experience a clear, comprehensive view of their entire alternative investment portfolio.

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