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How Alternative Investments Going Mainstream Benefit Online Funding Platforms Like Fundrise

Fundrise is one of the more recent success stories of online funding portals that have benefited from alternative investments going

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How Fintech Provides Opportunity for Investors and Financial Advisors

I can recall my feeling as an investor in 2008, thinking: I have to have an advisor, because I have

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How Financial Advisors Can Meet Demands for Alternative Investments

Succeeding as a financial advisor requires the ability to adapt to changing economic environments and ultimately, to the changing needs

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Why We Built an Alternative Investment Management Platform

It’s no secret that alternative investments have become increasingly mainstream. But investing in alternatives hasn’t been easy for investors and

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How to Manually Calculate Alternative Fund Performance

When looking at the performance of any alternative fund, there are two common metrics displayed to investors: IRR (Internal Rate

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Alternative Investments Have an Identity Problem

We all have IDs, or ways in which we can be identified, such as drivers licenses, passports, social security numbers,

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Is the 60/40 Rule of Investing Dead?

The 60/40 rule: An outdated rule that encourages investors to allocate 60% of their portfolio to higher-risk investments such as

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What Are Alternative Investments?

Definition of alternative investment: An investment in any asset class other than stocks, bonds, and cash. Alternative investments are contrasted

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The History of the 2 and 20 Private Equity Fee Structure

When it comes to fees in Private Equity, these are the two most common opinions:  The first, and most common

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Alternatives Are Going Mainstream: Are Financial Advisors Ready?

While the world has witnessed the mainstreaming of alternative investments in recent years, financial advisors are still lacking the proper

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Startup founder shaking hands with new team member.

Why I Left Bloomberg to Join a FinTech Startup

I’ve spent the better part of my life learning about “how things work,” and questioning if there are better ways

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