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5 Platforms Offering Advisors and Investors Access to Alternative Investments

Among ultra-high-net-worth investors, alternatives make up more than half of their asset allocation. But the ultra-wealthy aren’t the only ones investing in alternatives, as 32% of investors worldwide report holding alternative investments.

At AltExchange, we help financial advisors and individual investors manage, track and report alternative investments. Below are the top five platforms we’re seeing our clients investing in right now. 

1. Juniper Square  

Juniper Square provides a universal system for partnership enablement, allowing investment partners to easily connect and communicate. Juniper Square offers digital partnership platforms with integrated CRM, Fundraising, and investor reporting and insights. It also offers tech-driven administration solutions for funds and SVPs.

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2. Carta 

Carta is a software platform that helps startups with equity management, compensation, venture capital, and liquidity solutions. Carta allows investors, owners, and all other parties to easily manage and track equity.

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3. AppFolio

AppFolio is a property management software serving real estate business owners and investors. For property owners, it allows them to manage their properties remotely, providing instant access to reports and statements, leasing and market statements, resident screening, virtual rent collections and inspection updates. For investors, it provides an easy way to track and manage real estate investments.

4. iCapital 

iCapital allows financial advisors, wealth managers, and asset managers access to alternative investment through technology. iCapital connects financial advisors with hundreds of thousands of high-net-worth clients to private equity, private debt, venture capital and more private market investments.

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5. CrowdStreet 

CrowdStreet is a real estate crowdfunding platform. It’s a real estate marketplace that offers investors access to commercial and multifamily real estate investments. CrowdStreet allows users to invest in shares of real estate without the maintenance and responsibilities of being a landlord.

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How to manage and report alternative investments

Accessing alternative investments is the first step. But as accessibility increases, so does complexity and fragmentation, calling for more advanced aggregation services especially for advisors managing a breadth of alts portfolios.

Believe it or not, most financial advisors who offer alternative investments are still tracking data manually via spreadsheets, inputting numbers from scattered PDF documents, in an unsustainable reporting process for clients. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

AltExchange's AdvisorVue client dashboard showing alternative investment performance details.
AdvisorVue client dashboard.

AltExchange automates alternative investment workflow for financial advisors through our technology-powered platform, AdvisorVue. With AdvisorVue, advisors can provide family office-like services with:

  • Real-time reporting and consolidation of all clients’ alternative investments.
  • Historical reporting on existing investments.
  • Automatic collection of tax documents (K1s, 1099s).
  • Fully-managed capital calls (automated reminders & notifications).
  • Integrations with existing wealth management systems (e.g. Addepar, Black Diamond), allowing advisors to bill for individual investments or account-wide.

If you’re an advisor or investor interested streamlining your alts workflow, please book a call or schedule a demo.

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