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Have questions about AltExchange? Please check out our frequently asked questions from asset managers.

What is AltExchange?

AltExchange provides technology-powered solutions that automate Alternative Investment Management and Reporting. AltExchange platforms, backed by a team of experts, provide users with full visibility and transparency into Alternative Investment performance. AltExchange makes managing and reporting on alternative investments as simple as public equities.

What is the benefit of AltExchange for asset managers?

AltExchange eliminates friction in managing and reporting alternative investment performance for your firm to RIAs and their clients. By using AltExchange, your clients can access real-time updates on investment performance, plus a historical overview of investment performance. AltExchange also serves as a conduit for alternative investments to RIAs by feeding data to them directly.

How does AltExchange work?

AltExchange gains access to investment documents, and uses machine learning technology to convert these documents into transactions. We then send this structured data to our portal, providing users and their clients instantly-updated access to real-time and historical performance charts. The result is an experience that mimics a traditional brokerage account, but for alternatives.

How do financial advisors access investment data?

AltExchange seamlessly integrates with leading wealth management systems, so advisors can see any alternative investment data alongside traditional data in their existing systems, eliminating any friction or hesitation that advisors historically have toward alternative investments.

Who told you to reach out to us?

Our clients are financial advisors and limited partners. They engage us to assist them, and in doing so, they sign a Reporting Authorization Letter, which you will receive.

What do you do with our data and documents?

We standardize investment data and update reporting metrics in AltExchange platforms from the documents we are provided access to. Our data extract is highly accurate. If you would like to see, please set up a call by scheduling below.