What is AltExchange?

The Alternative Investment Data Standard

A universal data standard for sharing private equity investment information. Designed, defined and maintained by investors, fund managers and supported by software vendors and consultants

About the Alliance

The AltExchange Alliance is a new industry body chartered to define, maintain and promote a single data standard for sharing information between all participants in the private equity industry. The Alliance is a non-profit organization consisting of members representing all types of firms from across the globe.

Limited Partners

Limited partner investors want to save time and reduce the number of resources needed to process the data provided to them by fund managers. Every quarter, they struggle to validate and aggregate this information. The use of the AltExchange Standard streamlines this entire process, saving time, reducing errors and enabling data to be quickly aggregated and made available for analysis.

General Partners

For general partners, fund managers and fund administrators, the reporting demands from investors continue to increase. Rather than spending significant time and effort to meet the requests of their individual investors, a GP can leverage the AltExchange Standard to produce information in a single format to meet the transparency and reporting demands of their investors.

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Review the Data Definitions and learn how the Validation Platform works.

Latest News

Byaltexadmin Mar 30, 2016

AltExchange adds support for ILPA Fee Transparency Template

AltExchange Alliance releases an add-on to its domain standards to include the ILPA Fee Transparency Template The AltExchange domain standards m

Byaltexadmin Feb 10, 2015

AltExchange Releases Version 2 of Data Standard

AltExchange release of version II data definitions for Portfolio Company Metrics advances standardization of private equity investor reporting M

What are investors and fund managers saying?

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Members and Board of Directors

Alliance members include limited partners, general partners, advisors, consultants, vendors and other organizations across the alternative investment community. The Alliance is governed by a Board of Directors elected by the members.