Alternative Investment Reporting Features

AltExchange aggregates data from numerous sources, and provides both investors and wealth advisors with advanced reporting on their alternative investments.

Through one powerful platform, you instantly gain access to in-depth reporting and more on your alternative investments.

We’re integrated and tracking investments in:

reporting by investment type

Instantly view your allocation by both asset manager, and asset type, along with the percentage of capital called, the investments total value, and the percentage of actual dollar gain/loss for a complete picture of how your alternative investments are performing.

Real-time performance reporting

View real-time alternative investment performance by quarter, net cash-flow, and against benchmarks for a complete understanding of your portfolio.

MOIC, % Capital called, annualized return and more reporting.

Gain a complete understand of how investments are performing with real-time metrics such as multiple on invested capital (MOIC), the percentage of capital called, annualized return (IRR), and more. Our alternative investment reporting platform is the most advanced available.